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Our Services


 Agroforestry design and management

What’s wrong with my tree

Nursery management and propagation consulting

Fruit orchard design and management

Custom tree seed collection and processing

Online agroforestry tree and shrub seed sales

  • Agroforestry design and management
    • Want to establish a shelterbelt or riparian buffer but don’t know where to start?
    • Your existing shelterbelt is old and dying and you want it replaced or rejuvenated!

    Agroforestry Solutions Consulting will visit your farm and show you how successful integrated agroforestry approaches can be implemented at the field level on your farm or property. One of our key areas of expertise is integration of multi-function shelterbelts and riparian buffers into prairie crop production systems.

    We can assist with agroforestry design, tree species selection and sourcing, development of a maintenance plan and on-site tree health monitoring through a comprehensive consultancy service. We also assess existing shelterbelts and provide a comprehensive rejuvenation plan renewing older windbreaks. With our help your agroforestry system will lead to higher and diversified crop yields; enhanced pollinator habitat; erosion control; carbon sequestration; as well as quality agroforestry products on your farm.

    We specialize in

    • Field and farmstead shelterbelts for wind protection
    • Silvopasture systems for livestock
    • Riparian buffers for stream protection
    • Alley cropping systems for high value horticultural crops


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    What’s wrong with my tree

    • Do you wonder why your blue spruce tree is brown or why your green ash tree is yellow?
    • Are you looking to buy a home or acreage and want to know if the trees on that property are in good health and condition?

    Agroforestry Solutions will visit your property and assess the health problems with your trees and woody shrubs. The assessment includes diagnosing pest and disease problems with your trees and a written description of the trouble. We will provide a remedy that meets your skill and knowledge. Correctly diagnosing tree disorders is based on first identifying and knowing the difference of the symptoms and signs caused by insects, disease, and human-caused planting site issues. It takes knowledge, experience, logical thinking, and consideration the big picture before making decisions for tree health care management. We can show you how to solve the problem yourself or refer you to a reputable tree service. We travel anywhere in Prairie Provinces to provide informative solutions to tree problems faced by you.


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    Nursery management and propagation

    • Thinking of starting a nursery, Agroforestry Solutions can assist with planning and setting up nursery propagation protocols.
    • Having trouble growing quality seedlings, we help solve your problems, increasing productivity and number of saleable plants


    Agroforestry Solutions Consulting will show you how to grow your own trees and shrubs from seed. This ranges for practical advice to the individual who wants to grow a few trees just for fun to assistance with full scale nursery set up and operation. Growing tree seedlings at home can be fun and rewarding. The seedlings you grow can be used to landscape your home, establish a windbreak, improve wildlife habitat, combat climate though carbon sequestration or done just because you enjoy the challenge of growing plants.


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    Fruit Orchard design and management

    Agroforestry Solutions has extensive experiences working fruiting shrubs adapted to the northern climates. Our specialty is lesser known fruit species such as seabuckthorn and buffloberry, but we can help with more common species as well. We literally wrote the book on seabuckthorn. Our orchard services include:

    • Site selection and evaluation
    • Orchard design
    • Preparation of a maintenance plan to optimize production and minimize costs


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    Custom tree seed collection and processing

    Agroforestry Solutions has extensive experience collecting tree and shrub seeds from natural stands. Custom collections are made in the Canadian Prairie Provinces for clients who need source identified seed, we will collect, process and arrange shipment to clients around worldwide. Our services include

    • Seed collection, processing and sales.
    • Native tree and shrub seed collection from natural stands and consulting for ecological restoration projects, and native plant gardening. All our seed collections are geo-referenced.
    • We specialize in seed collection for hardy tree and shrub species native in the Canadian Prairie Provinces.


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     Online Agroforestry Tree and Shrub Seed Sales

    At Agroforestry Solutions you can buy tree and shrub seed of the same high quality that professional nurserymen demand. We provide seed for tree and shrub species especially suited for use in agroforestry systems. Our seed strains are hardy and well adapted to a wide range of growing conditions. We personally hand-pick all our seed from healthy plants growing in the Canadian Prairie Provinces. We do not purchase seed from third party sources. This means the seeds you buy are guaranteed to be the species we list in the catalogue.

    We provide detailed growing instructions including recommendations to break seed dormancy which inhibits germination of many tree and shrub seeds.

    We ship seeds worldwide. Exports often require phytosanitary certificates which we can arrange at an additional cost. Please contact us if this applies.


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