Attention Seed Buyers from the United States Only

You must now obtain a 'Small Lots of Seed' Permit
This permit can be obtained free of charge through the APHIS-USDA website.
The buyer must obtain and provide a Small Lots of Seed Permit to GreenTree Agroforestry Solutions before the order will be shipped

Premium Seeds to Grow Your Own Trees

Shop our selection of elite seed strains selected for cold temperate climates.

Our Seeds are Carefully Sourced

Our Seeds are Carefully Sourced

GreenTree Agroforestry Solutions collects their seeds from selected trees in the wild or from our elite tree seed orchard.

Shrub & Berry Seeds

We provide clean seed that meets the high standard demanded by professional nurseries.

Online Tree and Shrub Seed Sales

At Agroforestry Solutions you can purchase tree and shrub seed with the same quality demanded by professional nurseries. We provide seed for tree and shrub species especially suited for use in agroforestry systems.

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What's Wrong With My Tree

GreenTree Agroforestry Solutions will visit your property and assess the health problems with your trees and shrubs. The assessment includes diagnosis and how to rectify the problem.

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Top Ten Tree Problems

Familiarize yourself with the difficulties trees encounter.

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Agroforestry Design and Management

Want to establish a shelter belt or riparian buffer but don't know how.

  • Agroforestry Services

    A single tree seed can make a difference, in time it will grow to be a magnificent tree, providing a winter home to chilled bird, shade a tired child on a hot day, cleanse the soil of pollutants and sequestering climate changing carbon dioxide. Why wouldn't you plant that seed!

    Happier with Berries

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    Tree Health Diagnostic Service

    We have over 45 years of horticultural experience to help solve your tree problems. Whether your spruce tree is turning brown or an insect is devouring the leaves of your favorite shrub we can help.

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    • Agroforestry Benefits in Canada

      , by Nina Mgrdichian Agroforestry Benefits in Canada

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    • We provide professional consulting services
    • Supply high quality tree and shrub seeds
    • We've been open since September 2016

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