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Tree Health Diagnostic Service

We have over 45 years of horticultural experience to help solve your tree problems. Whether your spruce tree is turning brown or an insect is devouring the leaves of your favorite shrub we can help.
We visit your property, assess the problem and logically determine “what caused what”. The assessment includes detailed diagnosis and a written description of the problem. After identifying the problem we will show you how to solve it yourself or refer you to a reputable tree service.
We diagnose and remedy tree problems by examination of specimens and information and /or site visit. Please request our Diagnostic Service Report Form for written and email requests. 
Our email/telephone diagnosis charges are:
  • Telephone reply only  -  $75
  • Written reply/report  -  $100
We travel anywhere in the province of Saskatchewan for site inspections. The following charges apply:
  • Site visit - charge per hour (Minimum one hour)  - $150/hr or $650/day
  • Written report/letter  -  $100
  • Vehicle travel - (Round trip from Regina, SK)  -  $0.55/km
  • Travel Time - $40/hr
Excludes costs, as needed, of equipment rental/ancillary information services/outside professional services. Additional costs may be incurred to cover travelling and/or and overnight stay.
Please contact us at or call 306-695-7375 for a Diagnostic Service Request Form or further information.