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Agroforestry and Phytoremediation Design and Management

Want to establish a shelterbelt or riparian buffer but don’t know where to start?

Need to manage nutrients or wastewater?

Your existing shelterbelt is old and you want it replaced or rejuvenated!

Agroforestry Services

Agroforestry Solutions Consulting will visit your farm  and show you how successful integrated agroforestry approaches can be implemented at the field level on your farm or property. One of our key areas of expertise is integration of multi-function shelterbelts and riparian buffers into prairie crop production systems.

We can assist with agroforestry design, tree selection and sourcing, development of a maintenance plan and on-site tree health monitoring through a consultancy service. We also assess existing shelterbelts and provide a comprehensive rejuvenation plan for renewing older windbreaks. With our help your agroforestry system will lead to higher yields and diversified crop opportunities; enhanced pollinator habitat; erosion control; carbon sequestration; as well as agroforestry products on your farm.

We specialize in

  • Field and farmstead shelterbelts for wind protection
  • Silvopasture systems for livestock
  • Riparian buffers for stream protection
  • Alley cropping systems for high value horticultural crops
  • Phytoremediation
Phytoremediation services
Agroforestry Solutions. focuses  its efforts on the removal and containment of pollutants by the use of fast growing tree systems. This technology, called phytoremediation, over can used with landfills and lagoons, waste water sites, riparian protection and spill clean-up.  Our systems provide alternative solutions for site owners and consultants, and  as compared to more traditional, energy consuming, and expensive remediation options. In addition the system can be integrated with biomass production for renewable energy.
We can help select the proper woody plants for your phytoremediation project and design an optimal system for your specific goals. We have extensive expertise with utilization of poplar and willow for nutrient and wastewater management.
  1. Riparian buffer planning and planting. Buffers are designed to minimally impact agricultural production but effectively intercept and remove surplus nutrients before they enter a stream or water body.
  2. Wastewater utilization using fast growing poplar and willow. This offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to highly expensive mechanical and chemical wastewater treatment. These plant-based systems have proven to be highly effective in treating wastewater in municipal, industrial, and agricultural settings. Utilizing an irrigation-based system, water is filtered through the plants' root systems removing contaminants
  3. Biomass management and harvest for a renewable fuel source. This is easily integrated into our riparian and wastewater designs. Not only providing a valuable energy source it is also an effective means of removing nutrients and contaminants from the site.
  4. Greenhouse gas mitigation using fast growing short rotation intensive crops such as poplar or willow. Earn carbon credits by sequestering carbon before it can enter the atmosphere. Poplar and willows are highly efficient carbon sinks.