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You must now obtain a 'Small Lots of Seed' Permit
This permit can be obtained free of charge through the APHIS-USDA website.
The buyer must obtain and provide a Small Lots of Seed Permit to GreenTree Agroforestry Solutions before the order will be shipped

Saskatchewan tax free

  • Propagation of Trees and Shrubs Manual

    Agroforestry Solutions Propagation of Trees and Shrubs Manual

    This manual includes information of growing trees and shrubs in outdoor seedbeds or greenhouses. Included are complete instructions for overcoming seed dormancy, sowing, growing media, fertilization and watering. Stratification and scarification procedures and guidelines are provided for selected tree and shrub species. The guidebook provides all the information needed to successfully grow trees and shrubs in your garden or indoors.


  • Trees Against the Wind - The Birth of Prairie Shelterbelts

    Agroforestry Solutions Trees Against the Wind - The Birth of Prairie Shelterbelts

    1 review

    Trees Against the Wind brings to life the inspiration, the people, the science, the business and the politics behind prairie shelterbelts. This enlightening history is a tribute the thousands of innovative prairie farmers who planted trees to shelter their homes and land, and to Norman M. Ross, Chief of the Tree Planters, who, from 1901 to 1941, shaped, promoted and fought for the program that ultimately distributed over 600 million trees to western Canadian farmers. Complemented by over 130 archival photos and maps, this 288- page publication provides an important and captivating perspective on prairie history and a heightened appreciation for the connection between people and trees on the prairies.


  • The Trees of Indian Head

    Agroforestry Solutions The Trees of Indian Head

    I love trees; everything about them; how they smell, their colours, form, texture, history, and cultural significance. They make me feel at home. I acknowledge trees for their beauty and the value they bring to us. The Town of Indian Head in the province of Saskatchewan is blessed with a treed landscape you will find in few other prairie towns. This 46-page book, through photos and words, describes 36 of Indian Head's most interesting and impressive trees.


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