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What's wrong with my tree

Do you wonder why your blue spruce tree is brown or why your green ash tree is yellow?
Are you looking to buy a home or acreage and want to know if the trees on that property are in good health and condition?

Agroforestry Solutions will visit your property and assess the health problems with your trees and shrubs. The assessment includes diagnosis and a written description of the problem. We will provide a remedy that meets your skill and knowledge. Correctly diagnosing tree disorders is based on being able to correctly identify and differentiate symptoms caused by insects, disease, environmental and human-caused issues. It takes knowledge, experience, logical thinking, and consideration of the big picture before making decisions on a tree health care management plan. We can show you how to solve the problem yourself or refer you to a reputable tree service. We travel anywhere in the Prairie Provinces to provide informative solutions to your tree problems.