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Caragana (Siberian Pea-Tree)


Latin Name: Caragana arborescens


Family: Leguminosae

Native Range: Europe and Asia

Seed Source: Caragana shelter belt near Indian Head, Saskatchewan

Height and Spread (25 years): 6m x 3m

Overview: An introduced shrub growing to six meters high. Native to Siberia caragana exhibits outstanding cold and drought hardiness. First introduced to Canada in the late 1800s, it became the number one species in western Canada planted for soil erosion control.It is a legume and fixes nitrogen.

Fruit: Dark brown linear pods 3 to 5 cm long.


Stratification: Soak seeds for 24 hours in water (room temperature)

Ideal sowing time: Spring

Sowing instructions: Sow 2 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Growing conditions: Best growth on well drained light and medium textured soils.  Fertilization is not required.  Will tolerate slightly saline conditions.

Agroforestry Value

Excellent for farm or field shelter belts or landscape hedges where a tough hardy plant is needed. Caragana is extremely drought tolerant that forms a dense hedge useful as a windbreak for snow and wind management.