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'Crimson' Pin Cherry


Latin Name: Prunus pensylvanica


Family: Rosaceae

Native Range: Native to most of the forested regions of Canada.

Seed Source: Pin cherry seed block, near Indian Head Saskatchewan.

Height and Spread: 6m x 3m (5 years)

Overview: 'Crimson' pin cherry seed strain is adapted to cold temperate dry climates. A pioneer plant quickly colonizing sites this seed strain produces small edible tart cherries.

Fruits: A round single-seeded bright red cherry. About 20 seeds per gram.


Stratification: Pre-soak seed for 24 hours then stratify in moist sand (10 percent moisture) for 120 days at 5°C.

Ideal sowing time: Non-pretreated seed outdoors in late September (will germinate the following spring) or stratified seed in spring.

Sowing instructions: Outdoors - sow 2.0 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Growing conditions: ’Crimson’ pin cherry grows well on a wide range of soils. As a colonizer, it will flourish on most disturbed sites. It prefers full sunlight.


'Crimson' pin cherry is used in farmstead and field shelterbelts, Ecobuffers, wildlife habitat plantings. It is an important component of multi-species Ecobuffers, nursing the seedlings of longer-lived species beneath them. Many song and game birds utilize this small tree for food and habitat. The cherries can be preserved as jelly or dried.