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'Indian Head' Hedge Rose Seed


Latin Name: Rosa rugosa x Rosa woodsii


Family: Rosaceae

Native Range: Origin unknown, introduced from Europe

Seed Source: Seed production orchard near Indian Head Saskatchewan.

Height and Spread: 2m x 2m (25 years)

Overview: `Indian Head` Hedge rose is an improved seed strain developed for tree planting in cold temperature regions. It is a small shrub suitable for agroforestry applications. The fruit is a source of Vitamin C. It has showy, pink flowers attractive to pollinators

Fruits: Fruit is a hip 1.2 cm in diameter, turning fleshy and bright red when mature in late August.

Average number of seeds/packet: 600


Stratification: Stratify in moist sand (10 percent moisture) for 90 days at 20°C followed by 120 days at 5°C. Acid scarification for 30 minutes can substitute for warm stratification

Ideal sowing time: Sow 0.5 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Sowing instructions: Sow 0.5 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Growing conditions: 'Indian Head' hedge rose grows well on most soils except those that are excessively wet, or dry, or soils affected by high pH or salinity


'Indian Head' hedge rose, is used in farmstead and field shelterbelts, Ecobuffers, and wildlife habitat plantings. The continuous flowering makes it attractive to pollinators. Many song and game birds utilize this shrub for food and habitat.