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'Plains' Green Ash Seed


Latin Name: Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. subintegerrima


Family: Oleaceae

Native Range: Southern Canada in the Prairie Provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, United States Northern Great Plains.

Seed Source: 'Plains' green ash shelterbelt near Indian Head Saskatchewan.

Height and Spread: 15m x 5m (25 years).

Overview: Found in bottomlands and river valleys in the Prairie Provinces. 'Plains' green ash is an excellent species selection for agroforestry applications. 'Plains' green ash is an improved seed strain developed for tree planting in the Canadian prairies and other cold temperature regions.

Fruit: A samara consisting of one oval carpel terminating in a broad membranous wing.

Average number of seeds/packet: 300


Stratification: Soak dry seeds for 3 days in cold water, then stratify 60 days in moist sand at 5°C.

Ideal sowing time: Spring (stratified seed) or fall (non-stratified).

Sowing instructions: Sow 2.0 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Growing conditions: Tremendous adaptability to a wide variety of soils and climates.

Agroforestry Value

'Plains' green ash is used for farmstead and field shelterbelts, as a deciduous long-lived tree component of Ecobuffers, and to revegetate surface-mined lands, flood plains, and other areas where a moderately fast-growing, tough tree is needed. Green ash is easy to grow and transplant. It will withstand long periods of spring flooding.