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Siberian Larch


Latin Name: Ulmus americana


Family: Ulmaceae

Native Range: Southern Canada west to Saskatchewan, Northern United States

Seed Source: Surviving natural stands in the Qu'Appelle Valley near Katepwa Lake, Saskatchewan

Height and Spread: 20m x 10m (25 years)

Overview: Our seeds were collected from elm trees that have survived Dutch elm disease. Although not resistant to DED these trees are survivors and the seedlings have a high probability of growing to be large majestic elm trees. This seed strain is fast growing with the typical vase-shaped crown and single trunk.

Fruit: A single oval winged seed 8-10 mm long.


Stratification: No stratification required.

Ideal sowing time: Spring.

Sowing instructions: Sow 1 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Growing conditions: Best growth on medium textured soils with soil pH 7.0 to 8.0. Fertilization is not required. Moderately shade tolerant but grows best in full sun.

Agroforestry Value

Used in farm or field shelterbelts where a fast growing, tree is needed. American elm is easy to grow, does well on most soils, frost and drought resistant.