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Red-Osier Dogwood


Latin Name: Cornus stolonifera


Family: Caprifoliaceae

Native Range: Native to most regions of Canada and northern United States.

Seed Source: Red-osier dogwood shelterbelt near Indian Head Saskatchewan.

Height and Spread: 3m x 2m (5 years).

Overview: Red-osier dogwood is a medium shrub that is hardy and well adapted to northern temperate growing conditions..

Fruit: Berry-like drupe 0.5 cm in diameter containing a single seed


Stratification: Stratify in moist sand (10% moisture) for 70 days at 5°C.

Ideal sowing time: Non-pretreated seed outdoors in late September (will germinate the following spring) or stratified seed in spring.

Sowing instructions: Sow 2.0 cm deep, 50 seeds/meter; Greenhouse - sow 3 seeds per cell.

Growing conditions:  Red-osier dogwood grows on a wide variety of soils but favors moist, loamy soils re and a pH of 5.0 to 8.0.It is shade tolerant but prefers a sunny exposure.

Agroforestry Value

Red-osier dogwood is used in shelterbelts, Eco-Buffers and wildlife habitat plantings. The dense roots and rhizomes of dogwood make it useful for soil stabilization and erosion control on moist sites including streambanks. It provides good food and cover for birds plus small and large mammals. The berries are edible.